Phone: 856-482-6828


Liberty Research Services, LLC has a staff of trained professional interviewers to conduct in-store / on-site consumer intercept surveys. 

All interviewers are briefed by a field supervisor prior to each project to insure that respondents are screened and questions are asked according to a client's exact specifications.

Our interviewers are trained to screen respondents according to specs and to read the questionnaire the way the client has intended. This means paying special attention to screeners, quotas, skip patterns, open-ended responses, and correctly following interviewing prompts. 


Bill Ruckh, the founder of Liberty Research Services, LLC, has made the decision to pursue a new opportunity. Therefore, as of February 10th, 2014, all of Liberty Research Services' accounts have been taken over by Mary Byrnes, a current employee who has been with the company for over 20 years. Her extensive experience in market research data collection and her familiarity with our customers and ongoing accounts will ensure a smooth transition. She will be taking over operations under the name of her newly founded company -> IMPACT RESEARCH, LLC.

Please contact Mary Byrnes of IMPACT Research at 856-482-6828 with any questions regarding existing or new projects you need assistance with.